Software development happens in the context of technological, economical and organisational forces. Hard to believe when the end product shows no traces of these in­flu­en­ces. Yet an in­sight that many experienced practitioners have made.

The services I can offer acknowledge this fact, as they are not limited to only technical con­cerns:

  • In the analysis of a concrete problem I can help you find the right approach and the relevant parameters for a technical solution.
  • For the design of a solution I can draw from a rich professional experience and diverse in­ter­ests, resulting in an execution that does justice to the actual situation: cost-effective, re­source­ful, future proof.
  • An accomplished implementation is critical to the success of a project. In addition, only un­com­pro­mi­sing source code quality assures optimal maintainability of software. From this ex­pe­ri­ence I emphasize the creation of clearly structured source code, using all means that modern programming languages have to offer.
  • Software development is communication: from man to machine, but also from developer to developer. In my function as a coach I can accompany developers in their work and can help to distribute know how (also internationally). The documentation I create is subject to the same quality standards as my software.